Friday, November 16, 2007

Crazy Days

Once again it seems we are falling behind on this little blog of ours. I promise to get up our halloween pictures as soon as I can scrounge them up. We have had an eventful past month. Taysen and I went to Vernal to visit while Tim went on a golf trip and what was supposed to be a weekend turned into a month long visit. I ended up finishing up my real estate license and getting Kidney stones...what fun! After weeks of pain and waiting the decision was made to get the stone removed and get it over with, What the doctor said would be a pretty painless event turned out to be horribly painful. After removing the kidney stone they put a stent in place to help with any scar damage and they removed that yesturday another thing that was supposed to be relatively painless (WASN'T) Today is going pretty well though with getting back to normal a little bit. Oh and during all our excitement Taysen got pink eye and now has a cold. Tim has been a real trooper letting us come home and taking care of all our problems. Taysen can't stand it when daddy leaves the room and is snuggling up with him all the time. Anyway now that these events are hopefully winding down I will soon get up some new pictures from our recents adventures.