Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween Costume

Okay I cannot decide what to have Taysen be for Halloween and I keep seeing all these cute costumes all around so it must be time to start figuring this one out. I've had a few ideas so I'm making a poll from them, but also I would love if you have a cute idea to post and let me know. Something fun and creative would be nice, So far in his two years of trick or treating he has been a cow and a monkey...Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Its a......

Today was the big day! We went in for the ultrasound this morning and came home with a lot more pictures then I expected. It was fun to see the baby and watch kick and move its mouth so much. It really is a crazy experience. We also got to find out what our little bundle is and we are excited to say we are having another boy! I really didn't know what to expect this time since last time I was so sure that I would have a girl. I went in hoping a little for a girl, what can I say those pink things are so darn cute, but we are excited for Taysen to have a brother. Tim is very excited he has been hoping it would be a boy so Taysen would have a sports friend. I must say though I told Taysen he was getting a little brother and he got really mad and said NO BABY SISTER!! haha it was cute he has been very sure that it was a baby sister and a girl but I didn't think he really picked up on all of it. Guess he understands more than we think! All in all the baby looks healthy and weighs about 8 ounces!