Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rodeo Cowboys

We took the boys to the rodeo Saturday night. Taysen was excited all day and couldn't wait to go. Each night of the rodeo before that he kept asking to go because you could hear it at our house. Grams got the boys some great cowboy attire including cowboy boots. They looked SO cute! Korver was sick the day of the rodeo so he only went for a while but Taysen stayed the whole time and his favorite part was the mutten bustin. He and Eastyn were ready to get out and ride one right then. Then of course during my favorite part the bull riding Taysen had to go to the bathroom and the boys spotted the glow in the dark swords.


My dad got this HUGE water rocket for Christmas last year and since then the kids have been begging him to launch it. Well since all the kiddos were in town we decided it was time. It took a little trial and error and a lot of pumping to get it launched but it was AWESOME!! The kids loved it!

Birthday cakes

First of all I have to show a picture of the cake I made for Eastyn's birthday. It is on the fourth of July and he had a great party. It was a lot of fun making his robot cake I love trying something new.
The other pictures are from Tim's birthday on June 10th. I made him a pool ball cake and once again it was fun to try something new. I am so grateful for Tim and all he does for us.