Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight was our ward party which was a lot of fun. Except being too big to get down the skinny rows and Taysen running away on me down the skinny rows so I couldn't catch him. Taysen was very excited to see Santa Claus and said he was going to tell him he wanted a big hammer, a drill, and a present. The line was long and we were second to last, but we finally made it up there and he was so excited to sit on his lap. I thought santa could have weighed a little more, but other than that it was great haha. We also spent earlier in the day helping Papa make his famous chocolates which was a lot of fun. So I will get Florida up but for now I will try to keep you up on our fun holiday happenings right now. Enjoy!

Halloween Catch Up

I know it is Christmas but as you all remember my computer was broken at Halloween time, so here are the pictures now to catch you up on the fun we had. Come back again I'll try to get you updated with our trip to Florida as well. Enjoy Taysen is the Elephant and cousin Eastyn is the Monkey.