Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For graduation Tim got a nice new camera. We have both not learned yet quite how to use it to its full capabilities, but Tim has had fun taking some pictures to test it out. I can definately tell how much clearer the pictures are then the ones from his phone haha. Anyway Taysen is a willing subject for the picture practice so here are some cute ones of him trying to figure out his bike.



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Tim's Birthday

Tim turned the big 25 and we're excited that when we go on a trip someday we won't have to pay as much to rent a car now YEAH!! We had a good time eating chinese and celebrating with family. Here are some pictures of his sushi cake. I seem to get more into the cake than I do actually getting presents, guess I'll have to work on that part haha. Also there is a picture of Eastyn enjoying the cake well lets say smashing the cake.




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