Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taysen's Leg

Okay so last Tuesday while I was getting ready Taysen was taking a bath. And like he always does when he decides he is done he just hops right out. He got out and stepped onto the rug and then onto the floor and I told him to get back on the rug while I stood up to grab his towel. Well he actually listened to me and went to step back onto the rug but slipped to the side and started crying more than he ever does. So after finally getting him calmed down a little and getting some clothes on him he would scream everytime I touched his leg. So I tried to stand him up on it and he would just bawl and say his leg hurt. I was a little worried what he had done but I didn't want to be one of those crazy moms that takes their kid to the doctor everytime they get a scratch so I decided to wait a little bit and see if it got any better. After about an hour he still wouldn't put any weight on it and so I called Tim to come home and see what he thought. We decided to wait a little longer and if nothing changed then we'd take him into the Urgent Care. Well nothing changed so it was off to the doctor. At first it seemed like it might be in his knee but they decided to do some x-rays to see if anything was broken. Nope! Couldn't see anything so they said if he didn't start walking within a day or two to take him to a Orthopedic Surgeon. By Thursday nothing was changing and so we made an appointment. The doctor looked at it and this time it seemed to be his lower leg that was causing the pain. He decided it was best to cast it and that should help whether it is a break or a sprain. We go back on Thursday for more x=rays and fun to see how he is doing, but don't worry he isn't letting it get him down it only slowed him down for a few hours and then he figured out how to get everything he normally does. He has now even figured out how to do a gimpy little walk with it on and calls it his red bandaid. Crazy Times!



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Conference Weekend

We had a great conference weekend at Papa's cabin. Tim's family was all able to come and the kids enjoyed running all over and playing pool. Last Christmas the kids all got fishing outfits and so we decided to get a picture of them all together in them. They didn't all want to hold still but some of them turned out pretty well. We had a great time! Thanks Mom and Dad Hawkins!!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Silly Two Year Old

Just a little update since I have been slacking. I promise to put up pictures of Taysen and his cast soon I did finally get them taken I just have to get them on the computer..For those of you who don't know the story yet I'll tell ya when I post the pictures. Taysen is a little grumpier than normal with his leg but he is still just a happy crazy boy..but since hurting his leg he is waking up at the crack of dawn which isn't going over so well with Tim and I. More the reason for the post is I have to share a funny thing that happened last night while at my parents house. Taysen is really into singing songs and so to help cheer him up while changing a diaper that he apparently wanted to keep on we decided to try to get him to sing us a song. We chose Jesus wants me for a sunbeam since its been a while since we've heard that one. So as he took over singing the song he changed the words a little he sang, "Jesus wants some beans and a hot dog" haha we all cracked up laughing so he kept repeating the hot dog part. He is such a goof!