Thursday, March 27, 2008

One last thing

I know I know your probably all wondering what has gotten into me with all these new posts, but really I just actually have some pictures and the internet both at the same time. So I may have gone a little crazy but I'm sure it will be a while before I get some more done haha hopefully not. I just had to make one last post to show my little chefs new favorite thing to do to try to help me in the kitchen. Other than the fact that it is dangerous it is kind of cute. Also there is a picture of him wearing Tim's shoes, he is actually getting quite good at walking around in the big ole things. And don't worry he did have shorts on before he is just into taking his shorts off when he is going potty. Anywho we are doing great and having a lot of fun watching our little Taysen turn in to such a smart big boy. His favorite snack now is popcorn and everyday at least once we have to make pop pop and he definately has to have his own big bowl for eating and cooking purposes. It makes lots of great messes to vaccum up but thats okay it gets me to do it.




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Easter Dinner

So Taysen had an eventful Easter, after going to church for sacrament in Vernal we headed off for Judd family dinner in Provo. It was lots of fun to get to see everyone, including Andrew's fiance since the last time we saw him he has gotten engaged, but we are very excited to have Tara become a part of our family. Anyway at Grandma and Grandpa Judds house we had yet another easter hunt. Taysen had fun picking up all the candy and oranges.



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Easter Outfits

This is Taysen and Abi all dressed up for Easter Sunday. My mom got Taysen his cute easter outfit, Thanks we love it. And Abi got her pretty yellow dress from Grams. Taysen also got to see cousin Eastyn for a minute. He is such a cutie.



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Easter Morning

Much to our surprise on Easter morning Taysen slept in until 10:30. So he missed the first easter egg hunt of the day with Abi finding the real eggs. But after he finally woke up we set up a easter egg hunt in the house with plastic eggs just for him. Abi had a lot of fun helping us hide them. It was fun watching him hunt for the eggs he had a great time, and didn't like when all the eggs wouldn't fit in his one basket. There is also a picture of his easter stuff. I have to say he is still a little chef the first thing he wanted to play with was the rolling pin he got. He could have cared less about anything else. Guess thats good to note in the future just get one cheap cooking item and we're good to go haha. I was very excited about all his fun new books and outfits though, thanks Grams and Gramps.




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I know this picture didn't turn out the best, but I had to post it because it was so cute. We had our Easter dinner on Saturday night with Tim's family so that we would all be able to be there since we were all leaving Sunday. After a delicious dinner we had strawberry shortcake to top it off. I mixed the whipped cream for it and Taysen loved watching so when I was done I gave him one of the beaters to eat. Then came my ditsy side and let him out of my sight with a beater covered in whipped cream. When I realized that Taysen was being awefully quite I found him sitting next to his cousin Eastyn. More surprising is they were just sitting there both quiet. Soon I discovered that Taysen had decided to share the beater with little Eastyn and they were both happy as clams. Eastyn didn't want to give up the beater, and they both had whipped cream from head to toe, but I must say it was cute to see them being little buddies like I know they will be as they get older.

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Dying Easter Eggs

We thought it would be fun to dye easter eggs with Taysen. Didn't think until we started how much of a challenge that could be with a 19 month old haha. He did pretty well at staying out of trouble surprisingly. I helped him dye them and we discovered that the easiest way for him to help was for him to color on the eggs with a clear crayon before we dyed them. He had lots of fun and so did I haha. In Tim's family they actually hunt the real eggs they have dyed which was new to me we always hunted plastic filled with candy. But it was fun to try a new way.




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Dippy Dino Egg Hunt

We had a great Easter in Vernal. On Saturday morning we decided Taysen might have fun doing some egg hunts so we started with one at the Utah Field House. It was cute the kids went out in groups throughout the museum they had eggs all over the place. They searched for empty plastic eggs and then got to turn them in for prizes at the end. Taysen found 22 eggs in all and got 5 prizes (the max) It was lots of fun watching him. He was so excited to find all these bright colored balls everywhere haha. The only downfall was having to wake Taysen up early to get to all the festivities, but he did pretty well and it made for some fun memories. It would definately be a fun hunt to do with all his cousins next year(hint, hint)



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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Okay so we're really not into child labor, but Taysen loves going out to try to shovel after it snows. I know I am a little slow at posts obviously since we are now wearing shorts not playing in the snow, but it was fun to watch him try to copy his Dad and try to shovel

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So Tim is on the downhill stretch. He graduates on May 3 so for all of you that would like to come we would love to have visitors. Also we will be moving to Vernal after graduation so for any of you that love a good move (I don't) we'll take any help we can get.