Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know this picture didn't turn out the best, but I had to post it because it was so cute. We had our Easter dinner on Saturday night with Tim's family so that we would all be able to be there since we were all leaving Sunday. After a delicious dinner we had strawberry shortcake to top it off. I mixed the whipped cream for it and Taysen loved watching so when I was done I gave him one of the beaters to eat. Then came my ditsy side and let him out of my sight with a beater covered in whipped cream. When I realized that Taysen was being awefully quite I found him sitting next to his cousin Eastyn. More surprising is they were just sitting there both quiet. Soon I discovered that Taysen had decided to share the beater with little Eastyn and they were both happy as clams. Eastyn didn't want to give up the beater, and they both had whipped cream from head to toe, but I must say it was cute to see them being little buddies like I know they will be as they get older.

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