Thursday, March 27, 2008

One last thing

I know I know your probably all wondering what has gotten into me with all these new posts, but really I just actually have some pictures and the internet both at the same time. So I may have gone a little crazy but I'm sure it will be a while before I get some more done haha hopefully not. I just had to make one last post to show my little chefs new favorite thing to do to try to help me in the kitchen. Other than the fact that it is dangerous it is kind of cute. Also there is a picture of him wearing Tim's shoes, he is actually getting quite good at walking around in the big ole things. And don't worry he did have shorts on before he is just into taking his shorts off when he is going potty. Anywho we are doing great and having a lot of fun watching our little Taysen turn in to such a smart big boy. His favorite snack now is popcorn and everyday at least once we have to make pop pop and he definately has to have his own big bowl for eating and cooking purposes. It makes lots of great messes to vaccum up but thats okay it gets me to do it.




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