Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok I know I am a serious blog slacker, but I have my excuses. :) First of all we started building a house last fall and that got a little busy. Our house got finished up in January and we are SO excited to be living in it. I promise I will post pictures sometime soon... Now we are trying to get our yard put in and finish up a few little projects we need to. Korver had a birthday in January and turned 2. He is a fun crazy kid. Taysen is going to be 5 this summer and he is growing up so much its crazy. And tomorrow is our sixth anniversary! I can't believe I have been married to my hubby for that long, the time sure has flown by. I love you Tim! In six years we have moved 10 times, had 2 kids, had 2 houses, and finished up degrees. Life is Good!!


I am now a soccer mom...well kind of. Taysen has had a blast playing AYSO soccer this spring. He has one more game left and I think we are ready for a break. He hates getting all dressed up to go, but once we get there he is all about making goals. He is good at getting in there and going after the ball. I just can't believe how big my little boy is getting!!


First of all we once again planted our magic Jelly Beans and the Easter Bunny somehow made them grow into lollipops. We had a fun Easter, the boys went to the egg hunt at the dinosaur museum (which they love) and since grandpa and grandma were helping they went through multiple times. That afternoon we also went to an egg hunt at the soccer fields for AYSO and Taysen got right in there and had a blast! They boys loved all the surprises in their baskets and then had an egg hunt at grandma and grandpa Judd's house.


I was able to spend a week with two of my sisters and my mom on a cruise. We went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. It was an awesome trip with lots of naps, reading, goofing off, and no children... I don't have many of the pictures but I'll post a few. In Jamaica my sister Amy and I went on a zipline tour. As frightening as it was I'm glad to say I did it. It was amazinig flying through the air like that. Grand Cayman was beautiful and a nice place to relax on the beach. Cozumel we spent shopping like crazy and eating real mexican food. Other than the weight gain I am ready to go on a cruise again anytime!! Thanks girls for an awesome trip! And thanks to my in-laws and my hubby for taking care of the kiddos so I could go!