Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok I know I am a serious blog slacker, but I have my excuses. :) First of all we started building a house last fall and that got a little busy. Our house got finished up in January and we are SO excited to be living in it. I promise I will post pictures sometime soon... Now we are trying to get our yard put in and finish up a few little projects we need to. Korver had a birthday in January and turned 2. He is a fun crazy kid. Taysen is going to be 5 this summer and he is growing up so much its crazy. And tomorrow is our sixth anniversary! I can't believe I have been married to my hubby for that long, the time sure has flown by. I love you Tim! In six years we have moved 10 times, had 2 kids, had 2 houses, and finished up degrees. Life is Good!!


AmyJo said...

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids!