Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight was our ward party which was a lot of fun. Except being too big to get down the skinny rows and Taysen running away on me down the skinny rows so I couldn't catch him. Taysen was very excited to see Santa Claus and said he was going to tell him he wanted a big hammer, a drill, and a present. The line was long and we were second to last, but we finally made it up there and he was so excited to sit on his lap. I thought santa could have weighed a little more, but other than that it was great haha. We also spent earlier in the day helping Papa make his famous chocolates which was a lot of fun. So I will get Florida up but for now I will try to keep you up on our fun holiday happenings right now. Enjoy!


Kirk and Kelli said...

he is getting so big!