Monday, September 24, 2007

Taysens First Birthday Party

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Taysen 1st Birthday

We had a wonderful Birthday party it truly started off with a bang. We were making homemade rootbeer and I must have put the lid on a little too much so the pressure started building and well next thing we know the lid blew off it sounded like a bomb, the lid hit the ceiling and rootbeer was everywhere. Holy cow! We had the party at Tim's parents house where we were happily living and now missing. It was a zoo themed party that was lots of fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures sorry there are so many but ya know a kids first birthday only comes once. Now to finish off the night Taysen ate his first cake and ice cream and as you can see it was all over him. We had to get him straight to the bath and not to let the day end without a bang he decided to poo in the tub to finish off the mess. Our little boy sure is growing up and turning into a little character.


Amy Jo Bland said...

I am so glad to see an update!
Taysen looks so cute! He really got in to that cake and ice cream, didn't he?! Give him a squeeze for me. Hey, come visit soon huh!