Monday, March 30, 2009

Korver 2 Months

In case you don't remember the only place to take pictures in Vernal is the Wal-Mart and well I am still boycotting them from when I used to take Taysen there..It was a joke. So we attempted to take Korvers 2 month pictures yesturday so here is a little taste I think they turned out pretty well. We got some cute ones of the boys together as well, but they need a little editing before I put them up. I can't believe how big my little guy is getting.

From Korver 2 Months


Sarah said...

Hey Jacquelyn, this is Sarah Isakson you know your old roommate. I found your blog from courtney's. Anyway I wanted to tell you how cute your family is. If was fun looking through your pictures. We don't have a blog, we are not that savvy yet I guess. But Brody and I have 3 girls. Hadley is almost 4, Seanna is 2 and Breklyn is 3 months. We live in Dallas and are loving it. Email me somtime.

LM said...

Oh my! He IS getting so big!! That's it - we must come visit!