Friday, April 10, 2009

Workin with Dad

As most of you know we have been fixing up an old house. On Tim's last day off he successfully wired a new vanity light with a switch (last one had a pull cord) and put in a new medicine cabinet in the bathroom. He has gotten pretty handy and I'm very proud of him. Well after completing those tasks he decided to work on putting in a new threshold for the front door. This project has become a very frustrating one. But this time he had Taysen to help him thank goodness! Here is the conversation once things got frustrating yet again...
Taysen: Are you having a hard time dad?
Tim: Yes
Taysen: Well maybe I can just fix it myself I have a really nice drill.
A little later as things wrapped up....
Taysen: Thanks Dad for helping me fix things maybe you can help me fix again tomorrow.
I couldn't stop laughing when Tim told me this. The things he comes up with are hilarious. I hope I wrote it all the right way he said it, if not I'll change it later. He definately keeps us on our toes.


AmyJo said...

I love little boys! They want to be just like their dads and are so so funny! lol!

LM said...

Taysen cracks me up! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend - wahoo!