Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Fun

We have been preparing my parents yard for my sisters open house (which turned out great) and since we were spending so much time outside and Taysen seemed to end up soaked from head to foot everyday I decided it was time to get him a new pool so he actually had a reason to be soaking wet. He absolutely loves the water and had a blast. I had to pry him out of his wet swim suit to finally get him changed, he would have stayed swimming all night.




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Korver 3 months

I know I am slow since Korver is now 4 months old..but i still wanted to post some of his 3 month pictures he's so much fun. He is overall a pretty happy little guy.




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A while ago I finally got my new double stroller so that I could take both the kids on walks...We LOVE it!!! It can be a jogging stroller or it can go on the bike to pull the kids...Korver is still a little small to be in it, but we just have to prop him up for the ride. These pictures are from one of our first walks as a family. We got back just at dark and Korver was asleep. Both the boys looked so cute I had to take a picture.



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