Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Party

We had a great time with family and friends minus the cold weather. Taysen loved all of his presents and all the attention. Don't worry he really hasn't gotten facial hair at 2 he just likes to eat his cooking creations which happened to be dirt that night. Thanks to everyone who came it was fun and I didn't even blow up the root beer this year Yeah!!


Mike & Michelle said...

K first of are AMAZING at making cakes, I've seen all the awesome cakes you have made on here, and they are all so cool! Taysen's birthday looks like so much fun!
We find out whether our baby is a boy or girl the first week in September! Its killing me because, I think I could know now, but the doctor is just making me wait as long as possible! I'll be on week 21 when I find out! Let me know when you find out what you are having! You need to post a belly pic of you!