Monday, August 18, 2008

Here Come The Terrible Two's

The terrible two's have begun!I'm not sure if it's that or not but I'm pretty sure he's been more difficult lately. I still can't believe that my baby is now 2 years old. The time has flown by. I am amazed though by how much he has grown even in the last few weeks. He is saying tons more and its nice to be able to have him communicate a little better instead of just screaming. We had his party the day after his birthday but we thought it would be nice just to do something little on his real birthday so we let him open a few presents and practice blowing out candles on a cupcake to help get him ready for his real cake. I must say he ate it up everytime anyone said happy birthday or when we sang he loved it! He is still going around the house singing happy birthday and pretending to blow out the candles. Anyway here are a few pictures from his actual birthday.




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