Monday, April 5, 2010


On Easter I had the grand idea to wake up early and get ready before the boys got up so as soon as I was out of the shower Korver woke up. We took him downstairs to do his basket and make breakfast. He loved all the treats and started finding the hidden eggs. He soon learned he could throw them against the wall and candy would come out (he loves jelly beans) Soon Taysen woke up and came downstairs carrying eggs and being excited the easter bunny came. He had a great time seeing what the bunny brought him and Korver. He really loved finding all the hidden eggs. Kids really do make holidays a lot funner! After doing easter we went up to the cabin to be with Tim's family for lunch and afternoon conference.


AmyJo said...

How fun! I miss all of you!

Kael and Katy said...

Cute Boys! Glad you had a fun Easter :)