Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Morning

Much to our surprise on Easter morning Taysen slept in until 10:30. So he missed the first easter egg hunt of the day with Abi finding the real eggs. But after he finally woke up we set up a easter egg hunt in the house with plastic eggs just for him. Abi had a lot of fun helping us hide them. It was fun watching him hunt for the eggs he had a great time, and didn't like when all the eggs wouldn't fit in his one basket. There is also a picture of his easter stuff. I have to say he is still a little chef the first thing he wanted to play with was the rolling pin he got. He could have cared less about anything else. Guess thats good to note in the future just get one cheap cooking item and we're good to go haha. I was very excited about all his fun new books and outfits though, thanks Grams and Gramps.




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